Tree Transplanting Service in Annapolis

Signature Trees, Inc. buys, sells and moves large trees. Since 1976, we have been a favorite choice in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia for the relocation of large trees. Our company specializes in moving extremely large trees using a fleet of specialized equipment. Our team takes special care with each tree, pre and post transplant, allowing us to achieve the best survival rates possible.

Signature Trees relocates large trees with a 90” tree space for up to 30’ tall trees or 12 – 14” caliper. We also move extremely large trees, taller than 30’ by special arrangement. In addition, Signature trees relocates shrubs as well as supplies and installs large trees and shrubs.

Improve your landscape with mature trees and shrubs. There are many reasons people hire a tree moving company:

Tree Moving Process

Step 1:
A representative from Signature Trees, Inc. does a site visit to assure equipment access and ability to move tree.

Step 2:
Signature Trees calls Miss Utility to mark the utilities on site to assure no utility conflicts.

Step 3:
A plug (hole) is dug on site if a new tree is being installed or offsite if we are removing a tree.
The plug of dirt is then dropped.

Step 4:
The tree is tied and dug.

Step 5:
The tree is moved to the new location and planted in the new hole, untied, and watered.

Step 6:
The tree is cabled for stability from the move. Signature Trees leaves another satisfied customer!

If you are considering having a tree relocated or would like to purchase mature trees for your property, contact Maryland Tree Relocation Company, Signature Trees for your free estimate.